Appliance Service Plans


Two large utilities in the East and Midwest offer choice-based service plans to their customers that cover appliances such as:

• Refrigerators
• Dryers
• Stoves

• Washers
• Dishwashers
• Water Heaters

• Freezers
• Furnaces

The plans are available to both homeowners and renters, and cover all brands of commercial-grade, residential appliances. Initially, the utilities’ primary customer acquisition channel was in their call center when existing customers called about billing or other issues, but performance


In January 2016, the Midwestern utility began running a series of tests using Allconnect to sell their appliance service plans, which resulted in an incremental 3x lift. Allconnect leveraged its platform to optimize conversion through:

• A/B testing of customer value proposition
• Merchandizing based on customer segmentation

• Product bundling
• Deployment of credit algorithm to increase yield

The solution Allconnect developed for the Midwest utility, based on call transfers from the utility’s customer care and billing department, was so successful that the East Coast utility, who was offering similar plans but through a direct mail campaign, turned to Allconnect as well.

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