Time-of-Use Programs & Bundles


In 2013, a large utility in the Southeast developed a time-of-use rate plan and bundled it with a free Nest thermostat. The rate allows customers to save on their bill by adjusting their use of major appliances at certain times of the day and during periods of high demand, while the Nest thermostat acted as a tool to help them learn to save electricity by reducing their usage.

Customers were encouraged via the utility’s website, email campaigns and bill inserts to enroll in the rate plan online or by calling the utility. However, these initial efforts yielded low enrollment rates, and in early 2016, they turned to Allconnect to explore additional solutions to reach their goals.


Allconnect proposed a two-pronged pilot to drive enrollment in the bundled rate program, including:

Enhanced Email Marketing: Feature a digital ad for the rate program in the email confirmation page sent to customers who enrolled in other services via Move Advisor

Outbound Calling: The utility provided over 20,000 qualified/scrubbed leads to Allconnect.

'By the Numbers

Allconnect’s pilot exceeded the utility’s goal in 8 months.



Outbound contact rate was 23% versus goal of 20%.



Take rate was 30% vs. goal of 15%.



Enrolled 2,575 people.

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