March 14, 2019

 Allconnect's ACSI Customer Satisfaction Reaches All-Time High, Now Tied for Highest in the U.S.

ATLANTA – March 14, 2019—Allconnect, a leader in sales, marketing and digital solutions for energy companies, received a customer satisfaction score of 87 in 2018, its highest score ever, as measured by the American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI). 87 is the highest score in 2018 among companies publicly measured by the ACSI.

ACSI is a national economic indicator of customer evaluations of the quality of products and services available to household consumers in the United States, and its syndicated results are calculated independently and without endorsement. Allconnect’s score of 87,based on about 140,000 surveys, ranks above brands traditionally regarded as leaders in customer service, such as Apple, Google and Amazon. Only Chick-fil-A, with a score of 87, earned an equivalent score to Allconnect.

Allconnect works with utilities nationwide to help them become the brand consumers trust to connect everything for their home. The company’s free,one-stop service, available over the phone and via digital channels, connects millions of movers with products and services such as Internet, TV, home security, home automation, energy efficiency and green products. Consumers using Allconnect’s service online can also change their address via USPS and register to vote. Allconnect personalizes the shopping experience for consumers based upon their specific address and other relevant demographics (e.g. homeowner vs. renter).

“I’m very proud of the fact that we continue to rank among—and largely above—brands that are known worldwide for great customer satisfaction,” said Allconnect Executive Vice President Kim Shumway. “Customer demands keep increasing and technology makes things more complex, but we are always ready to step up and make the necessary investments to provide the personalized and satisfying experience people expect. That will never change. I think our dedication to that has gained us the top spot with Chick-fil-A [among companies publicly measured by ACSI for 2018]. Our goal next year is to outperform them, too.”

About Allconnect

Allconnect, a Red Ventures company, offers customers a convenient single source to compare and connect integrated media, broadband, home protection, energy and green products. Allconnect’s services are available at, through utility and energy companies representing over 50 million households, and via affiliates. Through more than 20 million annual consumer touch points, the company acquires customers, increases revenue and generates higher customer satisfaction for its partners. Allconnect’s 2018 customer satisfaction score of87, as measured by the American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI), is tied for the highest score among publicly measured companies in 2018. Founded in 1998,Allconnect is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, with offices in Lexington, Kentucky, St. George, Utah and Charlotte, North Carolina. For more information, visit or

About ACSI

The American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI®) is the only national cross-industry measure of customer satisfaction in the United States. Each year, the ACSI uses data from interviews with roughly 250,000 customers as inputs to an econometric model for analyzing customer satisfaction with more than 380 companies in 46 industries and 10 economic sectors. ACSI data have proven to be strongly related to several essential indicators of micro and macroeconomic performance. To learn more about the American Customer Satisfaction Index, visit
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