What We Do

Allconnect helps utilities reinvent—and extend—the mover experience through: marketplace platforms, strategic partnerships, dynamic experiences, integrated e-commerce, data science & analytics, and original content.

The Journey Never Has to End

Compare, select order or switch home services. Change your address with USPS. Register to vote. Announce your move to family and friends. Visit MyMove to get great moving deals.

Find people before they move. Start or transfer electric/gas service. Check out new rate plans. Manage account online. Browse value-add utility products and services.

Increase satisfaction and drive loyalty with personalized downstream marketing offers and messages.

Send digital welcome kit on behalf of utility/Allconnect.

Your Movers

Meet customers on every channel

Give a great first impression of your utility

Help movers set up everything they need

Sell More of Your
Own Products

Educate your customers about your products

Scale and get programs to market faster than you ever imagined

Maintain a relationship through downstream marketing


Drive more customers to your online start, stop and transfer

Help customers manage billing, payment and rate plan options online

Lower your own costs while offering more convenience

Open New

Provide a truly personalized customer experience, online to offline and back again

Drive long-term engagement through relevant downstream marketing

Maximize the power of your own website by creating a Mover Connections Center

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